Nanbudo Super 9 tournament by Croatian nanbudo federation at the occasion of the 40th birthday of nanbudo sport in Croatia, took place in Zagreb, Dec. 1 2018. Participants came from 10 countries and the tournament was spectacular. Beautiful kata in categories from cadets to seniors and teams, ju randori for women and men light and heavy category with many demonstartions enriched the evening in Zagreb.
Excellent were Italian and Swiss kata competitors, while Norwegians were equally good in kata and ju randori. Linda Skarperud won a tough ju randori absolute category, and Fredrik Hansen was third in men kata as well as in kata teams with his women partners. Moroccans were dominating ju randori competiton – Aicha Hafid second in women absolute and Sahouil Sadkouni won men heavy weight. Croatian hosts took junior kata by Sven Barac, Women kata by Kiara Turković, Men kata by Kresimir Major who also won men light weight ju randori. Gradec team won kata competiton while Pescenica took second place. Total winners of the tournament by summ of the points were Kiara Turković in women, Kresimir Major in men light and Sahouil Sadkouni in men heavy weight category. Awards were presented by nanbudo masters from each participating country and finally by the President of Croatian Olympic Committee Dr. Zlatko Matesa. What was specially interesting was the first competition ever of the teams from INF and WNF competing together. It was shown that cooperation is possible bettween members of different federations, and it is the way to go in the future. Organizations from both federations will continue to work together for the betterment and development of our martial art sport. Congratulations to all participants – nanbudo is a winner. N(anbudo) Y(es)!!!