International Summer seminar organized by Croatian nanbudo federation at Lopar, Island of Rab, Croatian Adriatic, gathered sportists from 4 countries – Croatia, Italy, Hungary and Iran. Seminar was devoted to basic Shoshin kata, and competitive techniques of Ju randori and Balance combat. Seminar was lead by Prof. Petar Turković (energetic preparation for training of sportist, basic kata), and M. Zilhad Mahmuljin, leading international sport coach (competitive combat, and self defence techniques). Leader of Iranian nanbudo association, M. Sattar Khoei demonstrated the method of testing condition of sportist during the preparation period for big competitions. Iranian team consisted also of M. Sasan Khoei, member of the executive board of INF, and Ms. Farzaneh Heidari Mahyari, representative of sportists in INF Excom. President of Hungarian nanbudo federation M. Jozsef Kiraly also attended the seminar, and showed great interest in the new discipline of Balance combat. As this type of meetings allow very good exchange of international knowhow in nanbudo sport, we are convinced that next year, international participation to this excellent seminar will grow.