Best Norwegian, and probably one of the best organized nanbudo clubs in the world, Nanbudoklubb Skien, organized an international nanbudo seminar Dec. 6-9. International coaches of highest nanbudo grades Rune Hansen, Giuseppe Ferrara, Fiorentino Tampone and Petar Turkovic from Norway, Switzeraland, Italy and Croatia, each directed part of the seminar. Focus of Italian and Swiss coaches was this time on the basics of nanbudo techniques practiced for kata which was a very useful learning for all participants. Norwegian coach presented excellent sotai technique excersises, and Croatian coach gave a short lecture about the origins of nanbudo and necessity to aknowledge where we came from and where we are going with nanbudo martial art sport. In addition to that context, advanced ju randori techniques were shown as well as nanbudo kumite and ki nagare kumite concepts. Seminar ended by elements of kata training and introduction to Five Shoshin katas for intermediate level students. After the seminar, due to extraordinary hospitality of Skien hosts, a traditional Norwegian party took place untill early morning hours. Event was a great success and it showed how much of mutual learning and understanding we need, and how effective team work can be in the learning processes. Participants left with great feelings of collectivness and a lot of positive energy and hope for the future of our martial art sport. New projects are planned and will follow soon.