January 2nd is pronounced A Grief Day in Croatia, due to a disastrous earthquake of 6.4 Richter sqale that hit towns of Petrinja, Sisak and numerous little villages around – all about 50 km from Zagreb which was also shaking again and suffered minor damages.

7 people died, many were seriously injured, over 2000 buildings are severly damaged and more than 200 houses are totally destroyed. People lost their homes, their properties and they are exposed to cold and of course pandemic threat.

Croatian people showed tremendous solidarity and thousands of people are either directly helping or gathering and sending help to the region of Petrinja and Sisak.

Sportists of Croatian nanbudo federation joined the actions of self organized civic groups on the very day of the earthquake and are gathering help and visiting cities and villages that are hit by this catastrophic events. Our top sportists are helping in the best way they can, as well as our federation. The member of Croatian national team Kiara Turković was among the first who joined the initiatives for help. She is gathering information from the damaged areas every day, gathering needed supplies and know exactly what is needed in which areas. Help will be needed continously in the coming months, so if any of nanbudokas around the world wants to help, please contact Kiara at kiaraturkovic@gmail.com, whatsapp: +385998135405 and she will be more than happy to instruct everyone of the needs of victimized people and the ways to help them. During the lack of international competitons – showing solidarity and helping those who need it most is a holly mission for every sportist.


Chikarada Yukida Shinnenda