Indian nanbudo federation and its leader Arvind Kotnala hosted World nanbudo championship in Dehradun capital of the state of Uttarkhand from Sept. 27-30. Championship witnessed domination of Morrocan and Croatian athletes, but Indian selection showed much improvement of their technical performance. Obviously, Indian coaches are doing a great job. New president of INF, Arnaud Nkamhoua said the level of sportist’s performances was very high, and as most of the selections presented very young teams, future of nanbudo sport should be granted. Best male competitor of the World champiohsip was Souhail Sadkouni from Morroco and best female competitor was Lana Belic from Croatia. A special seminar was hold on Sept. 27 to introduce Ki nagare kumite as a new form of competition called Balance combat. Special uniform was created for this discipline and Indian sportists were introduced to the new rules for the first time. In spite of this fact, Indian team participated in Balance combat fights very successfully, earning a lot of medals for their federation. What was specially interesting is that all participants simply loved competing in this new discipline which provides full security and no fear of injuries for competitors, and at the same time great fun for them as well as for audience in Dehradun, who went crazy, cheering for their favorites. In one word – we got a fantastic new sport discipline in which all generations of nanbudo sportists can take part very easily. Therefore we are looking forward to coming events and development of Balance combat project as a Sports for all discipline which can open up great opportunites for our sport. Next event will be hosted by Croatian nanbudo federation at the occasion of the celebration of 40 years of nanbudo in Croatia, in Zagreb Croatia. At that occasion World Martial Arts Academy from Switzerland hosts in Zagreb the First international conference on nanbudo sport on Nov. 30 . The day after, the Traditional Super 9 tournament of 9 best male and female world competitors will take place with a faboulous concert and After party on Zagreb main square restaurant. Already a lot of teams from WNF and INF are announced to take part in this fantastic event which will show unity of all nanbudoka worldwide no matter which federation they belong to.